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The Micro Brewery was completed by Mark in February 2007 and he soon began brewing exclusively for 'The Strands.'

The first beer that was delivered, being a 'Light Hoppy amber Bitter' at 3.8% and labeled as the intriguing 'Errmmm.'

"We couldn't decide on a name and all the family sat around saying 'Errmm... what can we call it?' So it seemed an obvious but quirky title and it stuck!"

Proving an instant success and not being one to sit on his laurels, Mark quickly followed it up with a dark smooth 'Porter Style' 5.0% ale called 'TErrmmm-inator'.

"With our own ideas and hundreds of suggestions from customers, it's christening finally arrived after three weeks of deliberation." and continues to stand the test of time....

We Now Brew throughout the Year over 30 different Styles, some seasonal some regulars.

Mark and two Helpers Wayne and Daniel are very enthusiastic brewers and are pleased to show people round the brewery and explain the brewing process to interested parties, with the chance to sample some New or Specialist Bottled varieties.

Come along and enjoy our Hospitality.........Looking forward to meeting you.


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